Friday, March 21, 2008

Coreboot project uses bits of HelenOS

I've just found out that the coreboot project (formerly known as LinuxBIOS), more precisely its libpayload, contains small portions of HelenOS libc. So far, they've taken our memory string operations and also the whole printf subsystem. This is a good sign that other projects can, and actually do, pick up parts of HelenOS and modify them for their own needs. Hopefully, this trend will continue.


Anonymous said...

Please, what about SGI Octane R10000 or R12000 support by HelenOS ?
Answer me please !

Fabien from France

Jakub Jermar said...


HelenOS kernel used to run on SGI Indy sometime back. I have no idea whether it still runs on it though. The mips32 port has been done for MIPS R4000 and MIPS 4Kx processors, so to answer your question, it very likely does not run on SGI Octane R10000 or R12000. However, we'd accept patches to make it run on these great pieces of hardware.