Monday, September 29, 2008

New subject at Charles University

It looks like I'll be teaching this course at Charles University in the summer semester. The course is basically an extension of the mini CDA course that I and my two colleagues delivered at MFF UK in April. It is also an extension to the internal Sun x86 CDA training, that I am going to deliver with my companions this October.

In addition to the mini version, the full-fledged university course will cover 32-bit x86 architecture too and compared to both the mini and the internal courses, we'll also venture into CDA on SPARC. We don't want people to suspect us that we are using this university subject to market Solaris based on its superior observability features, so the course shall teach people how to tackle crashes on Linux and Windows as well, even though at least in the Windows case we plan to invite an expert in that area.

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