Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What a productive day

Today looks like one of those more productive days. In the morning, the ONNV gate opened for me so that I was able to push two FMA fixes:
6883092 mem scheme's fmd_fmri_unusable uses the err1 variable in a wrong way
6889457 Bogus error messages can be generated when both 'offset' and 'physaddr' are present in a mem FMRI
In the afternoon, I switched from the fix integration mode into bug finding mode and found and filed the following two x86 VM bugs:
6893736 htable_reap() always reaps only 10 page tables
6893744 ptable_alloc() does not track active_ptables reliably
To be honest, I found these two because I simply had to find something VM-related in order to justify integration of a low-priority bug that I found some time ago:
6835500 Superfluous ASSERT(ht->ht_lock_cnt == 0) in htable_release()
Sometimes things cannot be done and bugs cannot be fixed in a straightforward way, but this time the extra effort and the bug-hunt payed-off.

Finally, I decided to create the following HelenOS ticket:
#136 Autodetect support for SYSENTER on ia32
because I have been thinking of fixing it for some time now. Unfortunately, I won't be able to work it this evening, because I am going to a pub with the folks from Prague's Solaris RPE to do some Pivo (Beer) Quality Assurance.

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