Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What a productive day

Today looks like one of those more productive days. In the morning, the ONNV gate opened for me so that I was able to push two FMA fixes:
6883092 mem scheme's fmd_fmri_unusable uses the err1 variable in a wrong way
6889457 Bogus error messages can be generated when both 'offset' and 'physaddr' are present in a mem FMRI
In the afternoon, I switched from the fix integration mode into bug finding mode and found and filed the following two x86 VM bugs:
6893736 htable_reap() always reaps only 10 page tables
6893744 ptable_alloc() does not track active_ptables reliably
To be honest, I found these two because I simply had to find something VM-related in order to justify integration of a low-priority bug that I found some time ago:
6835500 Superfluous ASSERT(ht->ht_lock_cnt == 0) in htable_release()
Sometimes things cannot be done and bugs cannot be fixed in a straightforward way, but this time the extra effort and the bug-hunt payed-off.

Finally, I decided to create the following HelenOS ticket:
#136 Autodetect support for SYSENTER on ia32
because I have been thinking of fixing it for some time now. Unfortunately, I won't be able to work it this evening, because I am going to a pub with the folks from Prague's Solaris RPE to do some Pivo (Beer) Quality Assurance.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Cannot play MP3, but can ping localhost

I have just updated my working copy of the HelenOS networking branch, which is now being exclusively hacked by Lukas Mejdrech, built it, booted it and... pinged localhost! To me, this is a real break-through comparable to the moment when HelenOS read from a file for the first time about two years ago.